US Non-Farm Payrolls – always a game changer

August 30, 2011

A look through this week’s economic calendar shows we have a plethora of potentially market-moving data releases due; however there is one in particular which stands out like a beacon – US Non-Farm Payrolls on Friday. This monthly release has the ability to light up currency markets like little else, as labour market data is viewed as one of the best indicators of an economy’s health. In the current climate, anything over 100k jobs created for the month would be seen as encouraging, and such a result would suit non-defensive currencies like the AUD, EUR, GBP and NZD.

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1 Week Until Trading Expo

July 29, 2011

We are excitedly working up to launch CMC Markets’ new CFD trading platform that we think will provide a revolutionary trading experience for Australian traders.  I am pleased to announce we will be show casing the new platform (in all three versions: web, iPad and iPhone) at the Trading and Investor Expo in Darling Harbour next Friday and Saturday (5&6 August),

Please feel free to come and visit myself, Ric Spooner and Michael McCarthy at the expo as we will be there on both Saturday and Sunday, and would love to take you through the platform and all of its features.  I have access to a limited amount of tickets to the expo and would like to pass these onto our blog readers.  Click here to download the free tickets

Ric and I will be presenting at various times throughout the day, plus I will also be doing a 90 minute presentation on ‘Precision Trading Methods’. You can see the details of the presentation by clicking on this link

Michael is doing presentation on combining different asset classes to improve returns and you can find the link to his presentation here

Please drop by and say hello – it’s great to see our blog followers outside of cyberspace.

All the best


High winds bring out ‘Extreme’ kite flyers

September 30, 2009

In all sports there are those that push the envelope to such an extent that it makes the average person feel like they are only living their life at half speed – none more so than the ultra kite flyers. This is a special breed that is only seen by mortal man in the parks and beaches when the winds are blowing consistently higher than 25kph. The rest of the time these daring men and women could be our lawyers, our waiters or the bus driver. It’s almost certain that you have one as a friend but you will not see the extreme side of them until the wind really starts to howl.

Onlookers can only gasp at the daring displayed as these ultra flyers risk not life and limb but certainly fabric and twine. Speaking to one of the flyers, who preferred to remain anonymous, who quoted from the adrenaline film ‘Point Break’ saying that “there was no shame in dying doing what you love”. Whilst he added that the chance of death was low his steely eyed glare let me know that the chance of the kite line tangling was real and that he accepted his fate if it did.

Infants agree dog ‘dirt’ tastes different to dirt ‘dirt’

September 29, 2009

Scientists have discovered that small children are universally able to tell the difference in taste between dirt that they would find in the garden and the common euphemism for dirt which is commonly left by dogs wandering in playground sandpits. Despite parents commonly using the term ‘dirt’ these scientific surveys suggest that they may be misleading but only for children who cannot outwardly tell the difference between the two. This may prove a worrying trend for parents desperate to avoid using specific terms of description.

Animation out of actors

September 27, 2009


Official figures released by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) show that every member has now featured in at least one animated movie leaving the industry with little choice but to reuse actors or to bring in non-union labour. Animations have proved to be a boon for the movie industry due to the low cost of production. However the marketing minds behind these films require new and interesting celebrity voices to fool the viewing audience into watching weaker and weaker films. Last weekends opening was ‘Spice Age’ which sees a group of five ogres living in a swamp being frozen only to wake up in a girl band. Critics see this as the ‘Jumping the shark’ moment for animated films as writers are forced to canibalise once great ideas.

Girl disappointed by ‘futon’

September 26, 2009

On visiting her new boyfriends apartment for the first time a local girl was saddened to see that descriptions of a futon bed were in fact referring to a mattress lying on the floor. To add insult to injury the promised ‘daybed’ that the man had detailed so enthusiastically was in fact referring once more to the same mattress lying in the corner of a tiny studio apartment.

Whilst most relationships have a teething period in which certain ‘truths’ are withheld this may be a breaking point for what has only been a short term pairing.

Kitten fueled car draws ire of activists

September 26, 2009

Animal rights activists have responded furiously to a newly developed sedan which is fueled totally on a juice extracted entirely from 3 week old kittens. The ‘Meow-Go’ is said to have generated endurance of more than 1,000 km on a single tank of kitten juice and developed acceleration of better than 5 seconds on the dash to 100 kph.

Despite complaints from activists the manufacturer insists that this is the first car that is perfectly friendly to the environment with the only by-product of the engine being a pleasant pine smelling emission. A company spokesman was unrepentent when asked about the use of industrial grade blenders that we used to produce the ‘Kit-anol’ saying that cost savings and the state of the environment were the most important considerations to be made.

Dogs forced to defend territory

September 26, 2009

Local dogs are set to be fined for marking territory that they have no intention of defending. Action has been taken by several local councils in a effort to reduce confusion amongst the city canine population.

Councils around the country have been innundated by complaints from dogs that have gone out for their morning walk to find that overnight visitors have taken control of their yard under the cover of darkness leaving them confused with little more than the abilty to stare silently at their water bowl.

Critics have suggested that the action is little more than a revenue raising stunt with some suggesting it unfair to empty the pockets of those that don’t even have pants. Council representative remain firm assuring locals that short term pain for pooches will will yield long term results with more diligent dogs being rewarded with more space to play in.